Lucid Dreaming: 6 Simple Techniques To Live This Incredible Experience

In the eighties Dr. Stephen LaBerge founded the Lucidity Institute at Stanford, in California, for the study and research on the phenomenon Lucid Dream.

According to LaBerge this “discipline” involves various fields of study: psychology, spirituality, art itself.

If applied methodically it can really be of help at different levels: self-esteem, development of creativity, ability to deal with fears, inhibitions and the achievement of liberation and harmony.

We can describe this as an awakening in sleep. In practice, you are experiencing a lucid dream in your sleep when you can say “I’m dreaming.”

Almost always, when we dream, we live the dream reality as totally unaware of the actors but it can happen to experience a lucid dream and the feeling you get is almost always euphoric, because that’s when you realize to be able to drive the dream reality as you wish.

In fact, once you enter the lucid dream the possibilities we have available are endless.


How to Experience a Lucid Dream

How to experience a lucid dream

One of the things needed to experience lucid dreams is that of being able to remember the dreams. The method recommended is to keep a dream journal, to write every morning immediately after waking up.

You will note that, by writing the dreams you have every day, your attention during the dream journeys will become more acute and you will experience a lucid dream in a natural way without using other techniques.

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For many people, however, it is more difficult to be able to awaken their conscience during sleep

These are the best known techniques that help to increase significantly, the possibility of having a lucid dream:

1. RCT, Reality Control Chekcing

It is to pay attention, several times during the day, to things that get changed in the dream, so that to realize that you are dreaming.

For example you could check the time several times (usually when checking the clock in the dream and you recheck after a few seconds, the time is changed), or you could stare at scene or room several times (when it is done in the dream usually the scenario is completely different), control all the things that have to do with the numbers (time, arrays of numbers, departure and arrival of trains or aircraft etc …).

Ensure that this attitude of “control” of reality becomes a habit in this way it will also ensure that in the dream the awareness will increase.


2. CAT, The Cycle Adjustment Technique

The CAT, which stands for cycle adjustment technique, is an effective technique, developed by Daniel Love, a British scholar.

t consists of calibrating your own sleep cycle with the purpose to increase the probability of waking during its last part. You will have to wake up 90 minutes before the normal time that you put your alarm, until the sleep cycle will adjust itself on the new conditions.

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After you have achieved this, alternate the old and the new conditions of the alarm. On days with Wake-up time to normal, the state of alert will increase to make lucid dreaming more likely.

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Lucid Dreaming: 6 Simple Techniques To Live This Incredible Experience