This question is very important and in the same time very funny, because as you will understand in the end of it, you will see that you should not be anything… 🙂
So… friends, let’s start with this:

What is “to be spiritual”

We often hear the sentences like “He is very spiritual man” , “She lives a spiritual life”, “I will choose the spiritual path” and others…
But what exactly is this spiritual way of life? To be good person? To help my neighbors? To always be there when someone want my company? To be “on call” for the problems of others? To serve  humanity? Well… is it spirituality? Ok, it is 🙂 But what if I don’t have any desire to do all of this things right now, when I know that some of my friends need me for example… What if in this moment I just want to stay alone? Should I do the “spiritual” duty or if choose to not do it and just relax, is this gonna to make me not spiritual. And guess what if you choose to listen your desires- you just picked the spiritual turn of the road 😀 We all know that the spirituality is pure happiness. So if you pick to do what you like instead of speaking with your friend that will complain about his neighbor, that was so noisy last night… you got the point. Choose your happiness and do what you want.

Am I not spiritual if I choose “ME”

Spirituality is not a job and it should bring you freedom. We are here to be happy, to feel joy, to feel love and to create the life that we desire in the material universe- The Law of Attraction again 🙂 To live in a high vibrations is the purpose of every spiritual teaching, right?

Why I should be Spiritual?
Why should i be Spiritual?

So this means that we should always pick the

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