Do you ever thought about the reason why we feel so hurt if our beloved ones choose to be with someone else? Are you jealous, or not at all… And if you are not jealous why you still feel pain when your sweetheart tells you “I was with someone else”?
Let’s find the answers together with GOSTICA….

Do I deserve the cheating

No, you don’t. Your ego will try to make you guilty, but there is no place for guilt here and better don’t listen to it. Instead of feeling guilt, ask your self “did I miss something that was important for my partner” , like to listen her/him, to share with… to show more your feelings and attention… things that are important for the relationship. If you find somewhere between this question the reason of cheating ok, you know were was the mistake and you can try (or not) to stitch it. But if you don’t find any reasons for the behavior of your beloved- there comes the big heart pain.

Am I not enough for you

Why it hurts when your beloved is with someone else

This is the golden mine of the pain- this question. First you know consciously or subconsciously that you are spiritual being that could be everything in this planet. You could choose to be whatever you wish. But the main thing remains- you are everything, doesn’t matter that you did not materialize that everything but onely some aspects of it, right? Your soul knows very well that you are totally enough. Ok, but when someone tells you ” You are not enough”?…

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