The Romantic Love

This type of love- romantic, is the most unsure Love of all types. Let’s just think about it…. Think how you love your pets, think how you love your plants, think how you love the nature, think how you love your kids, think how you love your parents, think about every kind of love that you experience now and then think again for the Love ( romantic love) between the humans…. Well? How is the feeling? Not like the love between you and your pet, right? And there is a little BIG reason for that- THE TRUST.

Can I trust you?

TRUST is the most hard to fulfil goal in any of the relationships between the humans….
It is not onely you, or your friends…It is the hardest goal for everyone. You never doubt in the love of your pets, right? And why? Because this love that the pet gives you is unconditional…. you have 100% trust in your pets love. But there are maybe few persons who achieve this type of loving someone and Gostica things that even those persons experience mistrust from their beloved. It is very interesting paradox here “I love you, trust me, but do you love me enough?” So you want your beloved to be sure about your love ( how can she or he even think not to trust you), BUT you don’t trust in the love that comes from this person and want insurance, or let’s make full resume- I want your full trust, but to give you mine, you have to deserve it. You get the idea, right? 😉
We are all doing this… unless we start to wake up from that dream of mistrust. So WAKE UP, friends, The BREAKFAST is Served! 😀

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