Sometimes we do one mistake- thinking that the money is not spiritual subject, or to be spiritual and to have money are mutually exclusive. We are thinking that the world “money” is dirty word… but we are so wrong about this…
When we start our spiritual path, we begin with a verry important lesson-

The Abundance is our birth right here in this planet. Why? Becouse as we know everything is energy- the solid matter too. So telling that something is missing in your life is a lie.

We just have to learn how to materialize it from ETHER to SUBJECT.
And this is where the spirituality teaching about The Law of Attraction comes.
We will not discus the topic of the law of attraction here, becouse there is other article that contains rich knowledge about it in You can find it here.

Money is energy

How Spirituality and Money Can Help You Live a Better Life

Money is materialized ETHER. The purpose that you will use the money define money ( in our minds) as good or bad. But even this that we are trying to find what money is (good or bad) is unnecessary, becouse The Spirituality teach us to not judge. So what then? Well… simple enoth

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