We can learn any assumptions and probabilities that await us – if we are clairvoyants or indirectly – if you are masters of astrology, chiromancy, phrenology, iris diagnosis and many athers…. All of that kind of science we’ll call Soul Sciences . These sciences provide competent knowledge of karmic potential and therefore a possible future.
let’s talk more about the above spiritual sciences…

We will start with Chiromancy/Palmistry

Human hand is interesting to humans since the Stone Age. Archaeologists have discovered hands made of stone, wood and of ivory made by ancient civilizations. The Emperor of China has used the imprint of his thumb when sealing documents in 3000 BC Information on the laws and practice of chiromancy is found in Vedic scripts, Bible and ancient Semitic writings. In the 19th century, Dr. Karl Kraus, a doctor of the King of Saxony, linking hands with different personality types. Advances in genetics and psychology boosts palmistry into the modern age.

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