Our destiny is not the product of our past – our past actions do not propel us into the future; our past actions hold us back and impede our development. It is the potential energy of what we have chosen (our intent) that creates our destiny and leads us through life.

Our choices create a “vacuum” in front of us that pulls us along our chosen life path. It is in this “void” of pure potentiality that our life unfolds. We have already chosen our destiny (prior to this present moment), so now we must let go and allow it to manifest in this eternal present moment. I don’t mean that we should just sit back and passively wait for a new life to fall into our lap. We have to engage with life in the present moment to ensure we don’t miss life’s opportunities for growth.

Our past actions and our old limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving our full potential. The parts of us that are stuck in the past (exiles and ego structures) are the resistance that hinders our development. In order to move forwards freely we need to heal the parts that are holding us back.


Our approach to life can influence our destiny, but we cannot directly control what Life sends our way – we simply decide how we are going to respond to it. This is where our free-will comes into play. But just how much free-will do we really have if we live most of our life on autopilot? Will is not free if it is bound by the effects of our conditioned behaviours. Will is only free if we have sufficient conscious awareness to use it in a considered manner. Without conscious awareness we cannot respond, we can only react.

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