It is pale pink in color and ranges from transparent to translucent. Transparent rose quartz is very rare and is so pale that the color is noticeable only when in large amounts. Translucent rose quartz is much more common and is used to make beads, gemstones and architectural purposes. Often called the “love stone” or “stone heart” because it opens you to unconditional love in all its forms: family, platonic and romantic. Except that brings love it reduces stress and promotes happiness and consolation of the soul. It helps to love others as you love yourself.

Zodiac Signs

Associated with the signs Taurus and Libra.


Rose quartz is associated with the 4th heart chakra



Mystical properties of rose quartz

Emotional rose quartz brings gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, tolerance and brings inner peace and harmony. It raises self-esteem and heal emotional wounds and injuries. Rose quartz removes fears, hatred and anger. It helps to heal deep emotional trauma from childhood, lack of love and helps us to our inner awareness. It helps to achieve reconciliation with the family and others.


Medicinal properties of rose quartz

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