There is some dispute whether Carnelian name derives from the Latin word for flesh or cherry. Ancient Egyptians wore it constantly, believing that it is a source of renewal and vitality. The stone is also mentioned in the Egyptian “Book of the Dead.” He was put into the tomb as a kind of “magic bumper” life after death. Carnelian occurs in different shades and hues, each of which is very beautiful.

Zodiac Signs

Associations: Sun.

Ancient stone birthday in many cultures, especially in August.

Stone of Taurus, but encourages the thirst for life and those born under the sign of Aries, Gemini and Virgo.

chakra classification

Carnelian pays most of its energy on the 2 umbilical or sacral chakra.

color: orange-red to brown

Chem. formula: SiO2

Gloss: waxy

transparency: translucent

streak: White

Hardness: 7

cleavage: none

Quarry: conchoidal to poor

density: 2.59 g / cm -3


Mystical properties of carnelian

Carnelian increases concentration and helps us to disregard what others say about us. Increased self-esteem and contribute to rapid success in his career.

Carnelian stimulate creativity, disperses negative energies and replace them with positive ones. It helps you to find guidance in your life and strengthens the feeling in you that control their lives. This makes excellent carnelian stone for those who believe that their life is not going nowhere…

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