Aura represents the energy field that surrounds every material object. Anything that has atomic structure, possess and aura. Each atom represents electrons and protons, which are in constant motion. These electrons and protons are electrical and magnetic energy vibrations. Atoms of living creatures are more active than the atoms of inanimate matter. For this reason, the energy fields of plants, animals and people are perceived more easily.

The Human Aura

What is Aura
What is Aura

Human Aura represents the energy field that surrounds the human body. Throughout history artists often depict halos around ancient mystics and masters. Spiritual broadcasts around the head are easily detectable by the individual. As you healthier, stronger light will radiate from your body. Halo is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. In a healthy person’s aura has an elliptical or ovoid shape which surrounds the body and stretches of 2-3 meters outside the body. Shape, size, color and clarity of these colors indicate the specific things related to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Aura is unique for each person. It is complex and changes at any time. When you perceive something through our senses, this information is processed in the brain and acquires significance. This process effect on our body, the brain continually selected electrical and chemical signals down the spinal cord. Around these signals are formed energy fields that affect our aura and change it permanently. Even thoughts affect aura – no matter whether you see yellow or just think about it, there is no difference for the brain and it carried out the same processes.


The aura contains very detailed information about us. By reading it can understand past events in our lives. Can be traced to physical problems we had and those yet to come.

As you healthier, more resilient will be your energy and more far will your aura extends beyond the physical body. The more strongly your auric field, the more energy you will have to do things that you need. A strong aura can hardly be influenced by external force.

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